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Hello once again!

       Now I would love to introduce you with one of the tasks we have come across in our ICT class. As you already know we have worked in teams with a project called Travelling around Europe and today I am going to show you our latest artifact as to explain you how to give instructions to your students in a fun and innovative way.

       Firstly, we have created a comic template using StoryboardThat. In the comic we show the students what are the steps they have to follow to fulfil the task we are asking them to do. I would also like to remember you about my Team mates: 

      Secondly, we recorded our video challenge. This is a great idea for an extra support for your students, either by using a comic as a previous template (as we did) or just by recording yourselves giving the instructions. By watching the video the students will know what they have to do, they can also check the video as many times they need given that it can be uploaded in the classroom blog and by that, becoming more independent from the teacher.

       For our video challenge we have used imovie.

        To end with, I would love to explain you about the project we have participated in with our video challenge, The ESL Times. This is a collaborative network intended to create a digital magazine in Enghish. This project is a great resource for any language teacher, so have a look at it and spread the word!

Proyecto "The ESL Times"

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