martes, 1 de marzo de 2016


Hello bloggers,

Today we have been learning about the importance of a good use of a digital identity in internet. Contrary to the common sense, t is usual that we log in the network with mocked names as not giving importance to our acts in the web. Being teacher as we are we have to create awareness in our students of who important is to be fair whether in internet or not.

The same lack of respect can be transferred to the inappropriate usage of work. Regarding how rightful use somebody else's work we have been taught about Creative Common licenses which is a non-profit organization that offers licenses under several conditions: Attribution, Non-derivatives, Non-commercial and Share a-like.

You can learn more about their license in their site:

According to the options that creative commons provide and given my recent awareness about the importance of adequately license my work, I agreed that it would be a great idea to create I license that would both protected my own effort while working and publishing while also  contributing worldwide with my learning.

So that I have created this license;

Creative Commons License

I have decided to use a license that allows people to use and share my materials as long as they do alike. I believe That this will benefit the whole teacher community by both allowing to use materials as well as encouraging other to share their own work. 

Despite wanting to contribute to the teacher community I also find important to protect my personal work from anybody trying to steal it for comercial purposes. Besides, while working with young students it is important to teach them to use sensibly websites as well as respect others personal work and creations, just as they should do with a physical space or creation.

See you next time!

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